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What Are DIY Neon Signs?

The typical DIY neon sign is made using glass tubes filled with inert gases such as neon or halogen. These gases’ atoms are triggered and lighted when an electric current flows through them.

Neon&sign is a hip, fashionable, and versatile type of signage. They stand out both during the day and at night because to their vibrant lighted graphics that capture the eye.

Although neon signs are excellent, they can be pricey. Because glass is prone to breaking, they can also be high maintenance.

What Are DIY LED Neon Sign?

DIY neon LED sign solve the design problems of typical neon lighting. As opposed to using glass tubes, LED neon signs are produced utilizing LED neon flex lights, which are more flexible, cost-effective, and long-lasting than glass tubes. They also provide lighting that is more reliable.

LED neon signs are made using the same basic concept as neon signs. DIY neon sign LED are made of LED neon light rope, which makes a distinction. Nevertheless, they have a similar aesthetic appeal to standard neon signage. The neon lights produced by the LED strip will be colorful and bright, perfect for a DIY custom neon sign. This method for making a DIY neon sign therefore centers around the use of LED neon rope lights.

Once you have a design in mind, you will require some items from your hardware store. When making DIY neon lights sign, there are some basic tools and materials necessary. It’s possible to create and fabricate the entire sign in house, or outsource the materials, design work, and fabrication.

Curious? Here is everything you need to know about how to DIY a neon sign.

What Do You Need To Make an LED Neon Sign?

  • LED neon flex lights- RGB neon flex lights or neon light wire.
  • A base or substrate– DIY neon sign backdrop, this refers to the surface on which your signage will rest. You could DIY neon sign on wood or DIY neon sign on acrylic.
  • Wire cutters- to cut the LED neon flex lights to the size of your sign’s design.
  • Hand-held drill
  • CA glue and hot glue

How to Make a DIY Neon Sign?

diy neon sign

Designing the Sign

You have more DIY neon sign ideas freedom when selecting the style of your sign if you use bendable LED neon flex lights. To get the desired shape, you can cut them into a variety of lengths. Before you start, consider some neon LED sign DIY quotes, such as quotes for plant lovers to make your design more attractive.

On standard printer paper, print out your sign letters, and then spray mount on the base.

Making the Sign

It’s time to start turning on your DIY faux neon sign once you’ve acquired DIY neon sign kit you require. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to assist you doing precisely that.

  • Using the estimate, cut a portion of the LED neon flex lights – you will probably discover markings on the light strip to serve as a guide for where to cut. The lights could be harmed by misplaced cuts.
  • Place the LED neon flex lights on the sketch – cutting along each letter or shape’s length as you go.
  • Drill holes – the holes should be at the end of each strip; the point where it connects to the next.
  • DIY neon sign on soldering – Each time you cut the LED neon flex lights, a wire edge on the light strip became visible. To prevent this, solder the conductor wire between each piece. Solder the connecting wire to it to join them.
  • Plug and play – switch on your sign and enjoy DIY neon flex sign once all components are securely and safely linked to the power source.

This DIY LED neon sign is one of those projects that is great for casual home decor or even could be used for other one-time events such as DIY wedding neon sign.

The LED neon rope lighting opens up a world of easy custom neon sign options to you. An LED strip can be used to DIY neon sign or El wire neon sign based on almost any design concept.

If you would want a simple method to create your own personalized neon sign, click on this DIY neon signs website:


You can create a simple DIY neon sign, with just a few tools and step-by-step directions. But if you want a perfect DIY acrylic neon sign or a DIY neon wedding sign, it is recommended that you get it made by a professional.

DIY neon sign with LED rope, carefully measure the neon flex before cutting. You must only cut the flex on the housing in between each LED segment. Lengths of Neon Flex usually have marks on the silicone housing to indicate where it is safe to cut.

Faux neon (or fake neon sign) uses low voltage LEDs to create the appearance of neon lighting, this has a ton of advantages. Faux neon, as opposed to real neon, can be made in nearly any shape and with color-changing patterns.

How to DIY an Easy Neon Sign

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