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Welcome to the new era of anime neon signs! Anime is only for kids? Wait, what?! Anime, a style of animation developed in Japan, It unquestionably has been a part of our worldwide pop culture via the years. Here at Anime, no generation will be left behind. That is how influential Anime is. The neon anime sign is now more popular as a decorating tool.

Are you a fan of anime and manga or know someone who is? These LED neon sign anime inspired by some of the hottest animes today, so these neon anime signs must be the perfect gift for a person who is an anime fan.

These modern-day illuminated novelty anime neon light sign are outstanding on their own. They provide stylish decor pieces for any type of space in your house or add a pop of color to your parties and special events. Now you can show off how big a fan you are by the very own glowing designed.

anime neon sign

Anime Led Neon Signs

Have you ever watched an anime so excellent that it was like being in the world of the show? We thought so. Our anime neon LED sign and 3D LED anime neon lamps are based on your favorite anime, allowing you to literally showcase your favorite anime characters in all their glory on a bed of high quality acrylic. The anime neon lights sign makes fantastic presents for any anime fan!

We have legends like One Piece anime neon signs, Naruto neon light sign, Dragon Ball Z neon sign, Attack On Titan neon sign and Sailor Moon neon sign. In our collection, you can also find the main character in animes such as anime neon signs Zero Two, anime neon signs Nezuko, anime neon signs wall Itachi, anime neon signs Luffy.

one piece anime neon sign
naruto neon sign
anime neon sign wall itachi
anime neon sign naruto

Custom Anime Neon Sign

Your Favorite Anime Character on a Neon Sign? That’s What CustomNeon Do! If you didn’t find your favorite neon sign anime here, don’t worry because we accept custom orders. Yes! All you need to do is contact us and send your design to us or tell us what anime character neon sign you want and leave the rest to us.

Not only do you get stylish representations of characters and iconic designs, you get an affordable and fun way to decorate your area, man cave, game store, or anywhere else you want. These budget-friendly and highly efficient LED anime neon wall sign work well for both residential and commercial spaces. They also make outstanding decorations for birthdays as well as other special events.

How to Make Anime Neon Signs?

Superfans of Anime Neon Signs

Alexis Marie
Alexis Marie
Vibrant and Pretty
Read More
I adore this anime girl neon sign!!! beautiful, amazing design, looks best irl. was the perfect edition to my new gaming setup.
It’s a great decor peice!
Read More
Our daughter loved this anime neon signs for room. Easy to install and the light is nice and bright.
Bought anime neon sign wall as gift
Read More
I haven’t set it in the wall yet but I did plug it in. The pink anime neon sign color is amazing an i can’t wait to see it at night. Product came undamaged and looks amazing.
Super cool
Read More
Neon anime girl sign with true to color, vivid and eye catching. I love it! This is the pink and white. Beautiful addition to my bedroom area.
amazing room decor
Read More
Got for my son as a gift. And the color of the image is amazing. I love this ramen neon sign anime, and so does my son. Great work!
My boyfriend absolutely loved this!
Read More
I custom this neon light sign anime as a gift for my boyfriends gaming room and he loves it! The colors are so vibrant and it came in perfect condition.


We are happy to supply all our clients a free professional mock-up design service. We will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the design at no extra cost! Just send your image to us and we will send you a free mock-up ASAP!

If you want to utilize your new neon sign outdoors kindly request a neon outdoor sign. Our outdoor signage range accompanies an IP67 waterproof rating.

Sure, we have a few choices accessible:
Neon signs on a transparent acrylic;
Neon signs, lights and models in a transparent acrylic box;
Neon signs, lights and figures with an acrylic base to take into consideration stand-up signs.

Kaws neon sign
bad bunny neon sign
cowboy bebop neon sign
neon lights anime
anime led neon sign

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