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Have you ever been into a bar, club, night club or pool hall and did not see neon lights hung around the space? Obviously not! Matter of fact, any place that offers alcohol tends to have neon bar signs scattered around the area. They’re an essential decor at the most popular bars and nightclubs as well as a wonderful means to add a trendy vintage neon vibe to your venue.

Bars and nightclubs have actually displayed personalized bar signs for years, and due to the modern LED neon flex we use in our illuminated signs, LED neon signs are a terrific way to decorate the home as well. Custom led bar signs provide a cool, colorful glow that’s perfect for home bars, rec rooms, living rooms, kitchens, garages.

Neon Bar Signs for Sale

Order neon personalized bar signs to add some fun. Nothing makes people really feel much more vibrant and also excited than funny neon bar signs. It makes people happier as if they are in some kinda dream world. When people enjoy, they spend more money!

Vintage Neon Bar Signs

Get a Crown Royal neon sign, Fireball neon sign or Tito's neon sign. Nothing captures the spirit of 1930’s bars, nightclubs, and speakeasies quite like eye-catching vintage neon signs.

vintage neon bar signs
neon signs for bar

Neon Signs for Bar

Bar Neon Signs are not merely a decoration to the bar since it can set the mood of people. It is easier for people to really feel relaxed under the influence of alcohol and neon light. Alcohol helps people to flee from worries momentarily while the neon led lights offer them a long lasting comfy feeling. LED bar signs light up your bar and the heart of your customers’.

Outdoor Neon Bar Signs

You’ve picked a venue, ordered the drinks, and organized a bartender, and now you need stunning decorations to bring your party’s outdoor bar to life. Include brilliant colors as well as a classic ambiance to the bar area with neon liquor signs or neon signs for outdoor bar. Light up your venue with illuminated customized neon bar signs!

outdoor neon bar signs
neon beer bar signs

Neon Beer Bar Signs

A bar is a place where it's about the temptation that sharpens the appetite. The desire that occurs when you think of a glass of cool beer just beckons you there. But if you see cool neon bar signs, you are simply left with no options. Imagine you are in a bar and you see a Heineken neon sign, a Michelob Ultra neon sign, a Blue Moon neon sign or a Pabst Blue Ribbon neon sign. You're destined to satisfy your craving.

Neon Bar Signs for Home

Fancy for having a home bar? Set your home bar aside from the rest by giving it a real nightclub feel with this home bar neon signs. Join our customers! Neon bar signs for home bars are our all time top sellers! We have a wide variety of motifs and brand, such as Modelo neon sign, Guinness neon sign, DOS Equis neon sign, Natural Light neon sign and more, you are ensured to discover the best neon light bar signs for your home bar.

neon bar signs for home

Busch Light Neon Sign

Why Choose Busch Light Neon Sign? What better way to start the night off well than with a beer and

Cocktails & Dream – Led Neon Signs

"Cocktails & Dream" Neon Sign Hand-made eye-catching neon signs with a service life of 50.000 hours.

Follow Your Dream – Led Neon Signs

"Follow Your Dream2" Neon Sign Hand-made eye-catching neon signs with a service life of 50.000 hours.

Mini Music Note 2 – Led Neon Signs

"Mini Music Note 2" Neon Sign Hand-made eye-catching neon signs with a service life of 50.000 hours.

Mini Paper Plane – Led Neon Signs

"Mini Paper Plane" Neon Sign Hand-made eye-catching neon signs with a service life of 50.000 hours.

Mini Sound Waves – Led Neon Signs

"Mini Sound Waves" Neon Sign Hand-made eye-catching neon signs with a service life of 50.000 hours.

This Must Be The Place – Led Neon Signs

"This Must Be The Place" Neon Sign Hand-made eye-catching neon signs with a service life of 50.000 hours.

Custom Neon Bar Signs

Don´t see something you like? Let us make it just for you. CustomNeon has the best prices on the Internet for custom bar neon signs. You can use our online sign maker to design your own light-up the word art with a range of fonts, colors, and sizes. Bar Neon Signs, Neon Pub Signs, Neon Sports Bar Signs and Neon Game Room Signs that can custom!

neon bar signs

Customers Who Bought LED Bar Signs

Adam _Bomb
Adam _Bomb
This PBR neon sign is excellent
Read More
Value for money, very bright and I like the neon bar lights to plug into the wall or use batteries that very convenient
Great gift
Read More
Very well made, the Makers Mark neon sign is perfect gift for my husbands mini bar I made him! Everyone loves it!
D. C. Eary
D. C. Eary
Lighted bar sign
Read More
Easy to install. The Samuel Adams neon sign looks awesome in my bar!
Kimber Phillips
Kimber Phillips
Perfect for my Tiki Bar
Read More
I've been looking for a Tiki bar neon sign for quite some time. Then I came across this one, the perfect accessory that I've been looking for.
Beautiful bar sign
Read More
This neon bar sign is so cool! Purchased three different ones for my bar. labatt blue neon sign, Jagermeister neon sign and bourbon neon sign.
looks great in real life
Read More
This led bar signs is amazing. Super happy with it. Got Asahi neon sign for a home bar I am setting up. Great product for the price.


You can buy LED neon signs for bar from our website or customize your neon sign with a variety of options to help you generate more sales.

LED Neon signs are extremely durable, and with a guaranteed lifespan of 100,000 hours, this Neon alternative definitely proves to be the best form on the illuminated signage market.

Most of the standard neon sign design shown on our website is for indoor use. If you need to install in outdoor, please choose outdoor use when you purchase.

No. LED neon signs are highly efficient for energy consumption. Statistically, one foot of the traditional neon light absorbs about 20 watts of electricity per hour. In contrast, the same length and thickness of the LED neon tube can be consumed as low as 1.2 watts for the same duration.

LED sign is the clear choice as it can be up to 10x more energy efficient than the same sign made from glass neon tubes. LED bar neon signs for sale are also available in a much wider range of colors and can be bent much more tightly giving you better options as regards shapes and styles of signage.

How to Make a Neon Bar Signs

Jameson neon sign
Naturday neon sign
Pacifico neon sign
Angry Orchard neon sign
neon bar signs custom

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